Through the Storm….Living on Purpose and Finding Your Calling

Through the Storm

As I age, I find myself, more and more, wondering what my purpose is for this life.  My belief is that this ponderance happens to most people as they age and begin to explore the value they have brought to this world.  I also think that it becomes increasingly more of a question when a parent or someone close to us dies and we begin to experience our own sense of life’s inevitable end.

Clearly my current state is no different than many other peoples. I am not unique or unusual in that regard. Lots of people, of all ages, are searching for their purpose and calling. But how do we get to this place where our discontent turns to a search for meaning?

For me it started perhaps a few years ago when the treatment center I was working for closed and left me without work.  But perhaps it didn’t. Maybe this journey started a long time ago and I am only just really became aware of the power of that voice and how loud it is speaking to me.  It keeps calling and I am finally listening.


Recently, I stumbled upon a blog by Jeff Goins.  Jeff is a writer. He has written several books and publishes regular blog posts plus he has a great podcast. My discovery came the same way I have found other great blogs….I decided to start a blog for my website and as a result started reading and looking at more blogs than I ever have, to see what it’s all about.  Cue Jeff, (and many others but that is for another day).

Anyway, Jeff recently launched a book called The Art of Work. He had this awesome offer to get the PDF version if you bought the book for shipping only.  This was an amazing book launch and I jumped at it….but I digress….what this has to do with living on purpose and calling is….Jeff’s book is all about finding your calling and walking the path to get there.

What I realized as I read the book and reflect….is that it’s easy to be thoughtful when life is good….it is much harder when there is a major storm. Because at that moment, we are in such defeat and despair that we find it difficult to do much of anything.  And that, I suppose, it what it means to live on purpose.To be asking for help and reaching up with our hands held high for someone to grab us and pull us to safety.  It means that no matter what is happening in our lives we keep moving forward.  We give grace to ourselves.  And we get up, we say thank you and we move our feet forward not backward.

Because every part of the journey is taking us closer to our true calling…the thing that no matter how large or small, is THE THING we are meant to do and the thing that keeps “calling to us” if we would only listen.

Some people might spathay  ” I don’t know what my It is,”  organizations even say this in lots of different ways, mostly through lack of direction and eventual failure.  As a consultant, my goal is…. to paraphrase from Jeff’s book,

help get you in the car and head toward water, because at least that is the right direction. 

(Goins, 2015, pg. 108).

And rather than focus on what you don’t have, the success of others and your lack of it (according to you)…. It is important to look at the journey you have been on for these past years and recognize each part of it, every single step, every single storm and every success too…. has been taking you to your place….your destination….and when you are quiet and listen, you are a little bit closer. And only then do you begin to be the Hero of your own story.

If you are in a place where you want to live your life on purpose and find your calling, there are two books I would suggest reading:

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live by Martha Beck

The Art of Work, A Proven Path to Finding What You Were Meant To Do by Jeff Goins

I wish you well on your journey.  See you on the road.

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What storms have you faced and won?  How have you discovered your calling?  Do you live your life on purpose?